NZ Walk

hiking, Walking & Trekking Trips in New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for the quality and variety of its trails which provide stunning hiking / trekking / tramping opportunities.  

The multi-day treks are often based on beautiful tracks and huts throughout both islands – each providing a different landscape and experience. Shorter local hikes provide an exciting network that can create an amazing hiking holiday in New Zealand.

Choosing your hike, or being aware of some of the hidden gems that exist, can separate the extraordinary from the everyday tourist experience. Selecting from a lifetime of walks is very difficult but when done right, it will ensure a memory of a life-time vacation.  

Adventure South has unrivalled knowledge of such opportunities and you can benefit from our experience by joining one of our walking trips that is sure to delight, challenge and extend!


Our aim is to ensure that we offer a walking holiday in New Zealand for every fitness level. From the more gentle trails in Marlborough or Milford Sound, to NZ hardest guided trek, you can experience New Zealand's quieter, yet equally impressive, walking trails with us. 


Each NZ walk has a trip grading. If you want to discuss your fitness level or learn more about a particular walk we invite you to call our team.

New Zealand is famous for many walking trails and they are understandably busy. 


Some of our hiking itineraries include the best sections of some of the more famous walking tracks, however we thrive on creating engaging hikes in spectacular surroundings that provide travellers with the excitement that real off the beaten track opportunities provide.