Electric Bike

ride an electric bike along an nz cycle trail

Perhaps your travel partner is fitter than you and you want to keep up. Imagine not having to worry about the hills! Wouldn't it be nice if longer distances were possible again. 

Electric bikes are fast gaining popularity. In both the cycle holiday industry and even general cycling consumer sales, electric bike numbers are growing as more people around the world realise the benefits they offer.


Sometimes, all you need is a little boost and e-bikes provide exactly that. When engaged, the 'e' part of the e-bike can offer a boost from 50% up to 150% to your pedalling. 


So, perhaps you can do that New Zealand cycling trip your friends want to do? If you are a little nervous about your fitness, an electric bike might be a good solution for you. Talk to us if you would like to learn more about riding an electric bike on your next NZ Cycle Trails trip. 


Please note that we currently only have a limited supply of Electric bikes. They are available on request at time of booking. Cost of hiring an E-bike is advertised on the trip page.