Road Cycling


Clip-in and enjoy world-class riding from the top of the South Island, all the way to the southern coast of New Zealand on a fully supported Road Cycling holiday.

Drop the panniers and forget about route planning, we've got you covered. Our extensive range of fully supported Road Cycling tours will allow you to put all of your energy into quality cycling and focus on the great adventure ahead.

As New Zealand cycling experts, our trips have been designed to take you away from the busy roads and show you the very best scenery as well as taking you to hidden spots you’d struggle to find on your own.

The best part about our Road Cycling tours is the flexibility. Strong riders can cycle ahead and complete 100km+ days, while slower riders can go at their own pace. Our support vehicle is there to carry any tired legs and to swap routes around to avoid any strong head winds.

Some of our road tours allow you to cycle point to point, and others will have the opportunity for you to ride extra kilometers to maximise your journey.

Start your road cycling adventure by searching through our road cycling tours below.