Our affiliations

Did you know that every time you travel with Adventure South NZ you are helping us give back to the trails and communities we travel through?

Since we began operating our guided cycling and hiking tours in 1992, it has always been our focus to help sustain and promote trail development. To help us achieve this, we have become affiliated with a number of trail trusts and tourism organisations within New Zealand.

The New Zealand Cycle Trail | Official Partner

The New Zealand Cycle Trail is a national project to build a world-class network of cycle trails. Adventure South is an official partner, supporting all the great work NZ Cycle Trails do to build, create and encourage cycling our fantastic cycle trails.


Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail | Official Partner

Adventure South NZ is an Official Partner of the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail and regularly contributes trail concessions from every traveller on the trail directly to the trust to help sustain the trail and promote trail development.


Otago Central Rail Trail | Official Partner

Adventure South NZ is an Official Partner of the Otago Central Rail Trail. We work with the trail trust and other partners to build the profile of the Otago Central Rail Trail, increase turnover for businesses and provide benefits and jobs to your communities. We regularly attend Official Partner meetings.


West Coast Wilderness Trail | Official Partner

Adventure South NZ is an Official Partner of the West Coast Wilderness Trail. This Official Partner programme aims to build the profile of the West Coast WiIderness Trail, increase the turnover of businesses that provide related goods and services and generate increased downstream economic benefits to the communities of the West Coast.


The Old Ghost Road | Offical Partner

Official Partners of The Old Ghost Road are businesses who have pledged to provide cycle and walker-friendly products and services and are committed to ensuring you receive the products, services and/or support necessary to have an enjoyable experience.

Queenstown Trails | Official Partner

Adventure South NZ is an Official Partner of The Queenstown Trails Trust. All nett proceeds from the Official Partner Programme go to the Queenstown Trails Trust to assist us in the maintenance, marketing, promotion and development of the Trails.

Department of Conservation (DOC)

Adventure South NZ works very closely with NZ's Department of Conservation to ensure that our impact on NZ's National Parks and reserves is minimal. We are licensed concessionaries and a portion of all tour payments go towards DOC park management.

Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA)

Adventure South NZ is a member of Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) which is the only independent association that represents all sectors of New Zealand's large and diverse tourism industry.

Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)

Adventure South NZ is a member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association and is committed to values that drive a necessary movement to change travel so that it benefits the businesses, the people and the environment of the places we travel.

  Cycle Tour Operators New Zealand (CTONZ)

Cycle Tour Operators New Zealand (CTONZ) was formed in November 2006 when 13 operators met in Christchurch and agreed to form a professional organization of cycle tour operators. The aim of the group is to promote cyclist safety on New Zealand roads, trails & cycling routes and encourage professionalism amongst New Zealand cycle tour operators with all companies operating to the same approved standards.

Cycling Action Network (CAN)

Cycling Action Network is New Zealand's national network of cycling advocates. They work with government, local authorities, businesses and the community on behalf of cyclists, for a better cycling environment.

Adventure Mark

​An AdventureMark safety audit certification demonstrates that an adventure activity operator has been audited by an approved certification body and that their Safety Management System complies with the relevant standard. Adventure South NZ has been awarded with an AdventureMark for all grade 2-3 mountain biking in the South Island.